Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunshine Award - Thanks Fern

Fern sent me this wonderful Award a while ago. Thank you Fern! Sorry it took me so long to get it posted. If you have not been to her blog, you must go here now. Her layouts are gorgeous and I visit her blog daily to see what she has done and to get inspiration to finish my DS' layouts. To accept this award I must send it to 12 other bloggers, so here they are in no certain order:

1. Angela: angiecortesdesigns.blogspot.com
2. Caz: scrappercaz.blogspot.com
3. Deanne: a-scrapaddict.blogspot.com
4. Rhonda: bumblcreate.blogspot.com
5. Heather: joemamainks.blogspot.com
6. Nancy: southernyankeecrafter.blogspot.com
7. Sal: salsbitsandbobs.blogspot.com
8. Bernadette: stampabilitys.blogspot.com
9. Erika: taylordconcepts.blogspot.com
10. Jacque: jacquesmagnolias.blogspot.com
11. Lyn: lynsblogger.blogspot.com
12. Carolyn: pmsetc.blogspot.com

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