Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Party Over

The party is over, whoohoo. It was a success even though he said he found out about it on Wednesday or Thursday. That's alright, it was only a day or two before the party and he never let on. Although with him being such a boob about everything on Friday and Saturday morning and causing me excessive stress full well knowing about the party, well that is something he is going to have to beg forgiveness for LOL. The party turned out nice and a lot of people showed up even though the roads were not in the best of conditions. Even at 6:30 pm they were still icy and slushy. I am just glad that the snow stopped in the morning or we would never have been able to have the party because I had to wait until 11:30 to leave the house to go decorate when I was planning on going at 10. DH may have known about the party but I am not sure if he knew how big it was going to be. He seemed to really enjoy himself after getting over the "I hate being in the spotlight" thing.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I am done with all the projects for the surprise party tomorrow. I think I have ordered, arranged, delegated and completed everything that I can. Now the only thing left to do is decorate tomorrow morning while DH is working and to get him there without him knowing what is going on tomorrow night. It will be easy getting him to the restaurant but getting him upstairs to the banquet room is another story. He is going to be so mad which hopefully he will get over real fast. He does not like to be in the spotlight and with so many people coming, he is going to be upset that I put him there but I think he will enjoy himself and like it once he gets over the initial shock. It has been so hard to keep this from him because I tell him everything, he is my sounding board and I usually show him all my projects and ask him what he thinks. He is usually pretty good about telling me if I am missing something on a project or if it looks great or if I should just chuck it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Ok, it is getting harder to get away from DH to work on stuff for his surprise party. I have been lying for a month now and he is starting to question everything. I am so glad it will be over with this weekend so I can stop lying and say, this is what I have been doing for the past month not shopping, going out with the girls, helping my niece with a school project, etc. I just need him to go away, and take the kids, for 5 hours so I can get everything done for this weekend. When I suggested he take the kids somewhere so I can work on Christmas, he said he would this weekend. Well that is not going to help anything because his party is this weekend. If he would just cooperate with me for a little while everything will work out. Urgghh. I have to finish the picture board, etch the beer steins and finish the favors. What lie can I tell him to get everything done by Thursday since we are getting our fireplace fixed on Friday. I have run out of ideas. I need a good lie that will get him out of the house for a while instead of me leaving so I can work on stuff there. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Anywho, it is almost over, whooohoooo.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Party

My husband is turning 40 and is a twin so my SIL and I are trying to plan a surprise birthday party for them which is 8 days away. It is very hectic trying to make centerpieces and favors because I cannot make them at home. I have designed quite a few ideas on my Gypsy but can't cut them on the Cricut because he always comes in to see what I am working on when I go to my craft space. I love the fact that he is interested in what I am working on but sometimes it is annoying because I can never make anything for him and sometimes I go in there to have some private, alone, me time. Sorry but I had to vent. I am going to another SIL's house tonight to cut out my designs for the centerpieces and favors, she is going to help me make them and then she will keep them for me until the party. I will post some pictures after I make the centerpieces and favors. Hope they turn out.

Monday, December 7, 2009

First Post

This is my first post. After lurking and looking at everyone's blogs, I decided it would be nice to have someplace to put pictures of the crafts I make and share tips about the process of creating it. I am off to take pictures of some of the things I have been making so that I can post them. Some of the blogs I have been following have some great projects and tips on them. There are a lot of creative people that blog and share their ideas and I just want to thank them for all the inspiration they have given me to make a lot of my presents this year.

You should check out Tim Holtz's blog for his 12 Days of Christmas tags at http://timholtz.typepad.com/my_weblog/, they are great. I bought some alcohol ink to try some of them this weekend. Hopefully they turn out half as nice as his.