Friday, December 18, 2009


I am done with all the projects for the surprise party tomorrow. I think I have ordered, arranged, delegated and completed everything that I can. Now the only thing left to do is decorate tomorrow morning while DH is working and to get him there without him knowing what is going on tomorrow night. It will be easy getting him to the restaurant but getting him upstairs to the banquet room is another story. He is going to be so mad which hopefully he will get over real fast. He does not like to be in the spotlight and with so many people coming, he is going to be upset that I put him there but I think he will enjoy himself and like it once he gets over the initial shock. It has been so hard to keep this from him because I tell him everything, he is my sounding board and I usually show him all my projects and ask him what he thinks. He is usually pretty good about telling me if I am missing something on a project or if it looks great or if I should just chuck it.

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