Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Party

My husband is turning 40 and is a twin so my SIL and I are trying to plan a surprise birthday party for them which is 8 days away. It is very hectic trying to make centerpieces and favors because I cannot make them at home. I have designed quite a few ideas on my Gypsy but can't cut them on the Cricut because he always comes in to see what I am working on when I go to my craft space. I love the fact that he is interested in what I am working on but sometimes it is annoying because I can never make anything for him and sometimes I go in there to have some private, alone, me time. Sorry but I had to vent. I am going to another SIL's house tonight to cut out my designs for the centerpieces and favors, she is going to help me make them and then she will keep them for me until the party. I will post some pictures after I make the centerpieces and favors. Hope they turn out.

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