Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Party Over

The party is over, whoohoo. It was a success even though he said he found out about it on Wednesday or Thursday. That's alright, it was only a day or two before the party and he never let on. Although with him being such a boob about everything on Friday and Saturday morning and causing me excessive stress full well knowing about the party, well that is something he is going to have to beg forgiveness for LOL. The party turned out nice and a lot of people showed up even though the roads were not in the best of conditions. Even at 6:30 pm they were still icy and slushy. I am just glad that the snow stopped in the morning or we would never have been able to have the party because I had to wait until 11:30 to leave the house to go decorate when I was planning on going at 10. DH may have known about the party but I am not sure if he knew how big it was going to be. He seemed to really enjoy himself after getting over the "I hate being in the spotlight" thing.

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