Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Popcorn Sleeves for Christmas

I asked my DD what she wanted to give her class for Christmas and she said popcorn because they really liked the Halloween bag that they got.  So I went online to look for some ideas for popcorn and found a tutorial on cocoa sleeves.  Thought that was a really good idea to use for popcorn but then I found another tutorial on popcorn sleeves along with the idea to give a list of Christmas specials on TV for a movie night during the holidays.  Well the measurements listed for the popcorn sleeves I found didn't work too well because I used the regular popcorn bags and not the mini so I had to figure out the proper size to make the sleeves but I did use the ribbon pulley and list of Christmas specials.  I cannot remember where I found the idea, I will have to look at my computer and see if I saved them so I can give proper credit to the person who gave the tutorial.  I made 30 of these sleeves so that she could give them to her teachers as well.  We also made her teachers the glitter ornaments that are floating around in blogland, which I forgot to take a picture of.  This was a great project because I used Christmas paper and ribbon from my stash and printed the Christmas TV list off the computer so really only had to buy a big box of popcorn from Sam's Club so it was a fairly cheap gift to make which was nice considering how many I had to make.  I think they turned our really cute and the kids really loved them and was so happy to have the list of Christmas specials that was on TV for the week of Christmas.

For DD's teacher, I bought a stocking and filled it with various school supplies and Way to Go stickers along with a gift card to Starbucks.  For her dance, gymnastic and pompom teachers, I bought a Subway gift card and made them the glitter ornaments as well.


  1. This project is ADORABLE!

    Just so you know, though...your Zoe's blogaversary badge needs to be adjusted to fit in it's proper column. It hangs over into your written text and hides a good portion of it (I was unable to read the entire post).

    I'm using Firefox as my browser, if that helps any. (It may be perfectly fine in Explorer, but not Firefox).

  2. What a wonderful idea.... great gift ideas. Thanks for stopping by my blog to leave a comment.

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