Friday, February 5, 2010

More layouts

Here are some more layouts I have been working on for my DS's book:

Pictures from various Sonograms. Because of the problems I had with my DD, I had sonograms every other month. It was really neat to see him grown inside me and to watch his features develope:

I am not sure why this is sideways, on my computer it is straight and I have tried several different things to get it straight but they are not working.

This is the page I did about the day he was born and the events leading up to it. Basically the story goes that I went in to be induced which did not work and I had to go back a week later to be induced again, which worked but my DD was with my SIL and she came to visit and was like, isn't he here yet. My SIL took her to lunch and then came back again, at which point she told me enough already, when is my baby coming (since this was her's not mine LOL) and I included a picture of her waiting so patiently for him to arrive LOL.

This is the delivery, he was so alert and wide eyed:

First family pictures:

Some more with people coming to the hospital to visit:

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