Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow storm

Not the best pictures, maybe I should have taken them during the day. The snow is still coming. The light post is probably about six feet tall at least and the snow pile is above my head and almost to the top of the light post.


  1. HI Bobbi! Thanks for coming to visit me at my blog! I really do appreciate it! The tickets you are asking about are from Tim Holtz and called Adage Tickets.....Wish, Hope, Trust,Dream, Soar, Love,Giggle Story, Play, Live, Adore, Bliss are the tickets...96 of them. Neat thing is that you can use the booklet to create a mini album when you are finished!

    Hope you have survived the snow storms.....glad it is you and not me!!


  2. Wow! Now that's some serious snow!! Stay warm and safe!!

  3. OMGosh I couldnt even imagine having that much WOW!!!!!

    Anyways I wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, and I will be posting a video tutorial on how to make the roses next week! Im hoping for mondays post :)

    Thank you again hun, and have a lovely weekend, and a Happy Valentines Day!!!

    Cheryl Walker

  4. Now that is some snow!!! wow!!

    Plenty of time to crop @ home> :)

    Thanks for visiting!!