Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Love My Tapes

I won some Love My Tapes double-sided adhesives a little while ago and have not really had a chance to play with it. I went to a scrap this past weekend and tried this adhesive on all of my projects to see what it was like. Just want to say that I do love this adhesive. It worked on ribbon which is my biggest problem. I just could not find anything that would hold down ribbon that well. If I used a liquid adhesive I would have to sit there and hold the ribbon in place until it dried. I also tried to run my ribbon through the little Xyron and it would not stick to the full length of the ribbon. I ran this adhesive along various ribbon for my projects and placed it down and it stayed plus it is clear tape so even on the gauzy ribbon you could barely see it. I used this adhesive to put paper on chipboard and it stayed in place. I will be going back for more of this adhesive. If you want to see some of their projects and read about the adhesive, you can visit their blog here.

I will be back later today or tomorrow with some pictures of the projects I made this past weekend.

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  1. Thank you for the info!!! I am heading over there to check 'em out!! I always love to find new and useful products:o)